Scaler 2: I'm not sure about playback settings for arp in preferences

A lot of the controls for the playback feature like strumming and arps are only reachable in the preferences now. Before it was one drop down that was easy to reach.

I’m not sure if I like it, because changing simple things requires to go to preferences with all the stuff that you’re not interested in there. The quick controls at the top are reduced a lot, I’m not sure if I find them helpful.

My main gripe with the playback settings in preferences is, that the preferences window is overlaying the last chord pads on the right side.The preferences window is moved over scaler from the right side when open. That means I can’t see or play the last chord pad on the right side anymore. When I play around with these setting to get happy accidents it required to open close the preferences a lot of times.

An example. Use ‘synthwave1’ preset. Now open the preferences. You can’t see or play the last chord anymore. And the one before is cut half, still clickable but not readable.

I have no real idea right now what to do. Just want to tell these workflow problem.

Thanks for the feedback, I guess the thing to keep in mind is that scaler 2 has an increase in content and features of 500% So it’s impossible to keep and leave and add. Sure there are better ways, but given the mammoth challenges we face we have landed somewhere nice. Since you are leaving so much feedback its important to tell you what influences me:
When I am in the middle of a project, with a major Hollywood director breathing down my neck, deadline yesterday, the music is still crap. How can scaler help and not hinder.
In this instance getting to the arp settings via a few clicks with the compromise of the one you mentioned is fine.
Having said all of that. We are looking at ways of reinventing the scaler wheel. We are excited about that because yes sure there was a ‘hotchpotch’ method to it all

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And it’s a joy to provide feedback to you. Awesome how open you are about discussing your product. Love it. I totally get what you’re saying too. Take your time. Frankly speaking, I was afraid what this means for the future at the 2.0 release, because the usability was a lot worse than Scaler 1 for me. But thanks to your responses here I’m confident now that the workflow will be next level in some versions. 2.07 was a big step. Not everything is resolved, but I finally switched with it to Scaler 2.