Scaler 2 in Ableton Live with NI Komplete Kontrol

When ever I load Scaler 2 into Ableton Live after loading Komplete Kontrol and use Scaler 2 to create a Chord Progression and then drag the Chord Progression Midi to a Midi Track in Ableton Live I lose the Audio on the Komplete Kontrol Instrument. If I delete the Scaler 2 Plugin from Ableton Live the problem still exist. Also, after deleting the Scaler 2 plugin and then saving the Ableton Live Set, exiting Live and then restarting Live and loading the saved Live set which does not have the Scaler 2 plugin loaded ( I deleted the Plugin before saving the Live set) the Komplete Kontrol Instrument (any NI Instrument) will not play audio. It seems that the Scaler 2 plugin corrupts Ableton Live and I have to delete the Live set and start all over without using the Scaler 2 Plugin within Ableton Live. The only work around is to open a new Live Set, load the Scaler 2 Plugin, create a Chord Progression, export the midi file, exit Live without saving the Live set file, open a Live set that has never had the Scaler 2 plugin used in that set and then load the previously exported chord progression midi file. the problem is repeatable. I am using the latest version of Scaler 2 (2.0.9).

I don’t know anything about your setup other than what you have described, and that’s good because maybe someone can help you better.

However, having been following all of the threads daily, perhaps you are experiencing a well known issue.

The issue is that whatever you do when recording midi, before you stop the daw it is imperative that you stop Scaler first!

Stopping the daw first throws a “bunch” of data (junk) at the end of the “drag-'n-drop” midi. When you drag and drop this who knows what could happen?

So, when recording with Scaler, be sure to stop Scaler first when you are done before doing anything else. This will terminate the midi “gathering” operation.

Maybe this will help you, at least I am hoping so. And, if for some reason it doesn’t, it could still at least be a good part of the problem.

TL;DR When recording midi with Scaler always stop Scaler first, and don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just trying to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ableton Tutorial… Using Scaler 2 in Ableton Live

Thank you for your Help. The following is my Scaler 2 work flow with Ableton Live:

On a new Ableton Live set with a single Komplete Kontrol instrument midi track and nothing else I use Scaler 2 in Ableton Live to create a chord progression and then I drag and drop the chord progression midi data into a Komplete Kontrol instrument midi track. As soon as I drop the midi into a Live midi track of a Komplete Kontrol Instrument and try to play the chord progression I dont have audio. I can see that the midi is playing into the NI instrument (midi indicator in Live); however, it appears that the Scaler 2 midi drag and drop operation into the NI midi track or just loading the Scaler 2 plugin corrups the Komplete Kontrol instrument. If I delete Scaler 2 after the midi drag and drop operation no change. If I save the Live set after I delete the Scaler 2 plugin and reload the Live set (with or without) the Scaler 2 plugin no change - the Komplete Kontrol Instrument has no audio. If I export the Scaler 2 chord progression midi file from Live, exit the damaged Live set, open a new Live set, load a Komplete Kontrol instrument into a midi track and then import the saved Scaler 2 chord progression midi file into that midi track everthing works fine and I have working audio from the NI instrument. I’m convinced that there is a serious Scaler 2 bug. What do you think?

Not sure what you are doing but I do exactly the same thing no issue. I drag form scaler straight onto a midi track with a loaded Komplete Kontrol instrument. Do it all from scratch. Open a new Ableton session and load only scaler and KK with an instrument loaded into KK. play some notes from KK to ensure you are hearing the instrument. Drag chords from scaler straight onto the KK midi track and hit the play button.
I presume you are using Ableton 64 bit.