Scaler 2 in Cubase shows 2 instances but not indicated difference

I’m seeing 2 instances of Scaler 2 in the VST instrument list but there’s no indication of the differences between the 2. I’m assuming one is VST 3. Any Cubase users know about this? How do to tell the difference?

Have you examined the instances in the Plugin Manager?

  • To open the VST Plug-in Manager window, select Studio > VST Plug-in Manager.

Version number or storage location may give a clue as to VST2 or VST3. In my Cubase I have them color coded as blueish for 2 and yellowish for 3.

AFAIK one can be a VSTi on an instrument track (primarily for detecting and creating MIDI) and the other can be dropped in the FX bin (primarily to detect audio). But they are functionally very similar in my experience.

The one which is “Scaler 2” (notice the space between the letters and the number) is the VST3.
And of course the one without the space (“Scaler2”) is the VST2.


As has been pointed out, one is VST2 and the other VST3. This is why I typically take the time to organize my own custom VST lists in Nuendo. You can do the same thing in Cubase. I think they call them “collections”. But it allows you to make custom folder and organize any of your VST plug ins or Intruments in a way that makes sense for you. It’s a bit time consuming but well worth it in my opinion. Makes it far less likely that I’ll forget what I already have. And also allows you to skip having 2 versions of the same plug in show up. They are still installed; you just only want to see the VST3 version.
There is also a ScalerAudio2, which is what you want to use to detect chords from an audio track in your DAW.