Scaler 2 IOS Midi binding Scales in Loopy Pro

Hi all,
I’ve been breaking my head on this, maybe any of you know a solution?
I’m trying to make a template in Loopy pro, where Scaler snaps to a pre-defined scale of my choosing.
In Loopy Pro i make a button, and would like to assign it for example to Cmaj or another one to Fmin

Any of you know a solution for this? I can’t seem to find any way to do this.
Your help is appreciated!

Hi @dr.chrisje

you should be able to map a scale selection to a midi key within Scaler on iOS.

From the scale list, click on the SHIFT button and press the “command” button on the right-hand side of the screen.

From there you can create a command mapping to select the scale. Press the MIDI key you would like to bind from within Loopy Pro.

You should be able to repeat this process multiple times to create your custom bindings.

So i should be making a new midi command for every single scale? that would take me days to do?
Where other programs have them all listed as midi parameters or presets in Loopy Pro.
The suggestion what you are telling me is what i did, but imagine having to do that with every scale, and then all the modes aswell? I don’t think that i could finish that in a week working on it 8h a day.
Please look at the included screenshots, the first one shows an empty midi presets in Loopy pro, where other programs you an find your presets. And the second picture shows AU midi parameters empty, this is where other programs show their scales and modes.
Thank you for understanding.