Scaler 2 ipad & cubasis 2 semi tone off

Hi, created a track In Cubasis 2 iPad PRO using scaler 2 under iOS 15.2 first and everything fine.

When opening on my other iPad PRO running IOS 6.5 same project under Cubasis 2 same version and Scaler2 same version the midi was one semi tone off (just the audio) notes are fine and the same.

I afterwards Updated Cubasis 2 to latest version and Scaler 2 to latest version under iOS 6.5 hoping this would fix the problem …NO LUCK

I removed scaler 2 as the piano and placed Numa player piano instead everything fine , reinstated Scaler 2 as the plug-in to play the notes……SAME PROBLEM!

SCALER 2 sólo mode works fine (but not as a plug-in under Cubasis2 under IOS 6.5 )


Hi @Krimson

Sorry you are having this problem.

Did you mean iOS 16.5?
We can’t seem to be able to replicate this issue on our end running via Cubasis 3 on 16.5. We might need to look further into Cubasis 2.

I will pass this on to the rest of the team and see if we can replicate the issue.

Thank you so much , I appreciate you looking into it.

Ps … you guys are the best !