Scaler 2 is good at funk, just now

after many attempts and reasoning I succeed in making a funk guitar part
and here you can listen it

I used the chords from a funky tune composed in Ezkeys, then I used the expressions showed in the xml attached Tranqui Poppa funk.xml (196.7 KB)

but chords and expressions are not enough to do funky
you need some trick fiddling the keys, and I think that Scaler is a big help for rabbit players like me, because after having selected a few espressions I only had to syncopate tapping

and now, it’s your turn: go wild and Get It Funky!

P.S: the first part of the tune is a crap: please be compassionate :joy:


You got the mojo! and taken the funky soul out of that Cm II-V7 progression. You right, Scaler is a potential resource for a wide scope of musicians, from little bunnies to pro velociraptors. The crucial thing is imagination and smart management of features as you did with expressions and posterior syncopation.

your wish is my command, sir … :guitar: :laughing:

I recorded over a excerpt of your track, my apologies for the daring, but I liked it and love funk!
Nothing very elaborate, just a guitar lead and some brass which I recorded a part played by myself and sampled my own chords in Scaler to have basic harmony in the voicings.
Thanks for inspiration.


this tune is a bomb now!
and its name… Rabid_Rabbit_funk_1+furious_guitar
I love it

I am very envious of your real guitar, clearly, but this sent a shiver down my spine re-thinking to those old days where I had a band
well a rabbit one, or better I was the only rabbit there, yet the band creator

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you say daring?
and what I can say by myself, ROTFL?

BTW don’t be fooled by the shoot: we played for fun and for friends only
no professional ambitions, and our repertoire was Italian song-writers as e.g. Lucio Battisti, or some The Beatles song

I am glad you liked my funk and furious guitar ! :+1:

LOVE that pic! these type of images from past cause a kind of nostalgia that is now deeper given the very different times (to say the least) that we are living now, where everything is online. Guys who are together making music for fun, not for profit has a lot of value, the perspectives are more pure and naive, but from the heart!

Remark: Luccio Battisti! is history and base for the modern italian pop, rock song. I think Luccio paved the way for many others like Pino Daniel, Eros Ramazzoti and others. BTW Eros recently sang Una donna per amico,

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Wow boy, that was hoppin. Thanks for sharing the funk this early morning. :crazy_face:


you are welcome
and please, try to fiddle with the xml attached above
the world needs more funk

My late friend Carlos passed away, and he’s playing the guitar for angels now

The link to the collaborative tune is no more working, so I uploaded it in my SoundCloud channel for the joy of posterity

Rabid Rabbit Funk 1+furious Guitar(CEA)

Have fun(k)