Scaler 2 is good at... Genesis band style

Since I have Scaler I tried to make a Genesis-style Hammond part and I was always unable, so far

The super simple routing, where 2 Scalers feed the same VB3 plugin

The VB3 pattern’s name is not surpring… :grinning:

The 2 Scalers use synthwave scales (@jamieh thanks) and different patterns

Scaler 1.xml (13.4 KB)
Scaler 2.xml (13.3 KB)

Bass and drums are build in the usual manner

And here is Jenesis


Unbelievable, you got it 100%. If I were you, I would add a guitar solo. Time to negotiate with Steve Hackett :sunglasses:
Extraordinary job, amico.

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Why do you make your SC tracks private? I can’t “like” them when they’re private. I think they’re good stuff to share publicly…


If I were you, I would add a guitar solo

ahem… I am not a guitarist, but if you like add it @Miki you are welcome :grinning:

Time to negotiate with Steve Hackett

he he, some years ago I was a Steve’s FB friend: I must renew the liason
:crazy_face: :rofl:

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Why do you make your SC tracks private?

:thinking: this explain what a dyno I am LOL
I was thinking that the Genesis band can ask me the money for a copyright infringement
and I’am thinking to that nowadays, in the Era Of Steal… OOOPS! Sampling :rofl:
OK, I’ll set it as public

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Ok, you definitely have the sound as on my favorite Genesis album, Nursery Crime. Wow

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Happy to see I did it right

Nevertheless, having that kind of hammond tune with Scaler is not easy, because the suitable patterns are a few: notably the triplets coupled with arpeggios or exotic times like 5/4 etc.

I’ll try again tonight to see what happens

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I think we should buy and study this book… :grinning:

The Songs of Genesis: A Complete Guide to the Studio Recordings

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And here is another interesting analysis of odd time signatures

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