Scaler 2 is good at... Toontrack plugins

Hi pals

I found a super easy way to build a song with one Scaler instance, AAS Strum-GS 2, EzBass, EzDrums and EzKeys and a few dozen of minutes of D&D work

Here is the routing: just the guitar is fed directly by MIDI Polysher and Scaler
All the other instruments are fed by Scaler but indirectly

I found a series of chords starting from a preset, then I used my ear to find other chords suitable for my AAS Strum-GS 2: I used Suggest > Fill to add 3 chords, while the last chord was found using Edit chord

Here is the final Scaler state
Scaler-State.xml (12.2 KB)

I recorded the MIDI in Scaler, then I started the D&D (Drag & Drop) work

The first instrument fed was EzBass: I dropped the Scaler MIDI directly in the EzBass chord field, then I put it in loop and applied a suitable rock groove

Then I repeated the D&D work for EzDrummer, but in this case I dropped the MIDI into the Song Creator, then I select a rocky drums track

I repeated the D&D work for EzKeys, dropping the Scaler MIDI directly in the EzKeys chord field: When you do that, EzKeys asks what to do with the MIDI; I left the default options the 1st time, but EzKeys used a wrong root chord (Fa# instead of Em), so I repeated the process selecting the root chord manually

Again, I put it in loop and applied a suitable emotional ballad groove

At the end, I exported the MIDI from Ezbass and dropped it in the Ableton bass track (the direct D&D doesn’t work with Ezbass, so I always use the Export option)

With EzKeys and EzDrums the process is easier because you can just D&D their MIDI in the Ableton Live tracks

And here is the result All D&D

I love this test especially because it’s the 1st time I am able to drive well EzKeys with Scaler 2 with little effort and zero MIDI editing :smiley:


It doesn’t sound like you’re “jamming” on this one. Are you?

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hahahaha I hope you understand Italian enough