Scaler 2 license not working

trying to register my license with Scaler 2.0. Downloaded my license from plugin boutique, but when I enter my email address I get the message “Unable to verify this email address”.

I actually had the same problem during the beta and after no response decided to give it up and wait for release. Now we are here and having same problem so I’m guessing somehow my email that is registered in your licensing system has been messed up somehow.

I’m going crazy not being able to start working with 2.0. PLEASE HELP!!!


Hi @mottsquad

sorry about your issue, are you entering the email address used in your Plugin Boutique account?

Could you please send me a PM with your email address so I can investigate further from our side


Hi Ed, yes I am definitely entering the same email. I just logged in to verify.


I am having exact same issue, double clikc license when prompted, then add email and it says email address unknown or something along those lines. It is definitely the same email address I am using for Plugin Boutique.

Currently trying to fully uninstall all traces of the software and reinstall, will check here for help with this issue while doing so. Thanks.

Disregard, I was able to get everything working apparently after a fresh install. Thx.

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Can you check my email? I’ve redownloaded and everything and it still says unable to verify email

I’m having the same issue. Finished the trial, bought the full version from Plugin Boutique and it’s saying it can’t verify my email address. Definitely the same email address as my Plugin email. Can you help please?

Welcome Shaun

While you were troubleshooting, were you able to try a reinstall with the most current version of Scaler (2.3.1)? It appears it helped @WolfgangOsis and @mottsquad above.

Nah nothing seems to be working. Uninstalled and re-installed a few times now and same issue.

bummer…I’m sure the A team will be on it soon.

Anyone know how to message these people directly?? Might speed things up for me.