Scaler 2 making swoosh wind sound?

Hey. I’ve bought scaler 2 and it keeps making a wind noise every 30 seconds. As if it’s a demo version. Has anybody else experienced this. Any solutions on how to fix. Thanks

Hey kee the demo version of Scaler has white noise that fades in and out, the solution is … yep you’ll need to buy a license :innocent:

Sounds like it’s not seeing the license. Did you follow the licensing instructions? Are you Windows or Mac?

Remove all the original installed versions
Including in the system documentation
All directories involved in scaler
Users…\AppData\Roaming\Plugin Boutique
If not, reinstall the system

In addition to the other comments here. I’d also suggest you reboot your DAW before doing the installation. Reboot, then install and don’t run any other programs before doing the install. The only problems I’ve had with installation and updates have been when I tried to install or update without first rebooting. Good luck.

Hi @kee

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Have you found a solution for this? Like others have mentioned, rebooting your DAW is important and if the problem still persists then downloading and reinstalling Scaler2 would be the next thing to try.

If you are still having problems with this then let us know.

Hey, I have this obnoxious “surf advancing-and-receding-on-the-beach” sound too after updating to Scaler 2.8.2. I’ve been using Scaler for a couple years now, I assumed the license carried through to all versions. Am I wrong about that?

So I have to renew my Scaler license after every update? I did not have that issue before.

I promise I’ll reply after solving the problem.

I have to mention that I have Scaler 2.8.2 on two different Windows computers. On my older system (which I still use) I do NOT have this problem.

So it’s only on my new system that this happens. Am I not allowed to have Scaler on two different computers?

No you do not and haven’t heard of any user have this issue, so I would assume some kind of personalised security setup you have on your PC is causing this issue?

Your licence allows you to install on multiple computers whilst only using one instance of Scaler 2 at a time.

Hi, my 2.8.2 version that I bought at PluginBoutique is registered/licensed and I still get this repeating whitenoise.

I already know the workaround by redirecting the midi output to a muted external instrument but I’m interested into using it’s EQ without applying a workaround.

When can I expect a bugfix release or a refund for a licensed application that still runs in demo mode ?

Hi @Joost ave you purchased Scaler 2 or Scaler EQ? They are seperate products each requiring their own unique authorisation. Seems like you are expecting the Scaler 2.8.2 licence to unlock Scaler EQ?

Hi @davide
both products are installed and both products show the registration within the help dialog.
I’ve reinstalled Scaler EQ but it still seems to be registered

Hey @Joost so which product is giving you the woosh noise? If it’s showing as registered you should not be getting any noise. First thing is first, do you have Beatport access or rent to own? If not have you tried everything suggested in this thread?

I don’t know about Beatport but it’s not a rent-to-own model.
I’ve deinstalled both products and after reinstallation both products show they are registered.

OK so they are registered and working? (not in demo mode)?

No, the whitenoise still appears. Is there a way to deregister both products so I can register them again ?

Have you rebooted your computer?

Yes, I’ve rebooted the system and after using Scaler 2 EQ you can see the wihitenoise within the spectral view of the audio.
I’m using Cubase 12 and 13 Pro, Wavelab 11 Pro, AconDigital Acoustica Premium as my main audio editors

The config files in \AppData\Roaming\PluginBoutique don’t look like a demo product. Both license files are present within the respectice folders of the Scaler2 and the “Scaler EQ” subdirectories. Those files differ by a NULL value at the end of the file when comparing them to the original license files.
I’ve checked their license code string and they fit to their respective applications.
Scaler EQ and Scaler2 don’t seem to make use of the Windows registry.

Problem solved.

I deinstalled both Scaler EQ and Scaler 2.

Then I deleted the Scaler EQ and Scaler 2 subdirectories in C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Roaming\PluginBoutique
C:\Users\myuser\AppData\Roaming\Scaler EQ\

Then I reinstalled first Scaler EQ and registered it. Afterwards I reinstalled Scaler 2 and registered the plugin.

Then I made a test with Scaler EQ and the whitenoise did not appear.

Removing the config files manually after deinstallation is essential to fix this problem.
Rebooting Windows is not necessary.


Unfortunately the same problem with Scaler EQ is happening again after reboot.
Any hints ?

Do I really have to redirect Scaler 2’s Midi output to a muted external VSTi to get around this ? Or do I really have to extract the whitenoise by creating a sample of the demo whitenoise based upon a silence sample where I apply Scaler EQ once to apply this sample to a hiss suppression plugin as hiss sound sample ?

Problem solved. Yeah, I just had to register Scaler on my new computer. Saul Goodman!