Scaler 2 making swoosh wind sound?

Hey. I’ve bought scaler 2 and it keeps making a wind noise every 30 seconds. As if it’s a demo version. Has anybody else experienced this. Any solutions on how to fix. Thanks

Hey kee the demo version of Scaler has white noise that fades in and out, the solution is … yep you’ll need to buy a license :innocent:

Sounds like it’s not seeing the license. Did you follow the licensing instructions? Are you Windows or Mac?

Remove all the original installed versions
Including in the system documentation
All directories involved in scaler
Users…\AppData\Roaming\Plugin Boutique
If not, reinstall the system

In addition to the other comments here. I’d also suggest you reboot your DAW before doing the installation. Reboot, then install and don’t run any other programs before doing the install. The only problems I’ve had with installation and updates have been when I tried to install or update without first rebooting. Good luck.

Hi @kee

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Have you found a solution for this? Like others have mentioned, rebooting your DAW is important and if the problem still persists then downloading and reinstalling Scaler2 would be the next thing to try.

If you are still having problems with this then let us know.