Scaler 2 - new Modulation tab for chords is awesome but please add an +- oct switch

The Modulation view with the circle of with is awesome. I just miss a ±octave switch in this view because I often want to try quickly how it sounds in a different octave. At the moment, I have to go back to normal view, switch the octave in the B section and go back to modulation.

Compare it to Variations or Voicing for chords, there you always have an ±oct. switch visible. And it makes sense to have it always reachable.

I understand, we need to leave room for improvements in this window so really trying hard not to clutter vs workarounds as you have mentioned. Will discuss with Ed and team next time we chat but personally not so fussed here. Thanks for all the suggestions though.

@davide Much appreciated that you answer here. I’m not writing all the suggestions because I don’t like Scaler. The opposite is true and I want to give feedback to help making is better and that no regressions are created, currently I think there are some. It’s actually also a bit selfish, because I like to use this thing very much. :smiley:

No really, best music theory plug-in out there. Not over complicated, but deep enough for advanced things and fun to use.