Scaler 2 NO Internal Sounds

Hello I have a problem that I feel like is common but the way that everyone has described it is different than how I am experiencing the problem. Could somebody please help me identify what is happening?

I have used SCALER 1 for many months now and just upgraded to SCALER 2 a few days ago.

Works great with software instruments but there are no internal sounds to choose from. Every video that I have watched online has shown an extensive list of built in instrument sounds but on my mine it has zero and only says “MID FX: NO SOUND OUTPUT” when I click on where the instrument list should be.

Can anyone help me understand why all the instruments are now missing from SCALER 2??

Thank you very much.

That does sound unusual. I seem to think that when you install you are given the option to either install or not install the internal sounds. Maybe a reinstall with careful attention may solve your problem. Good luck.

Hi @Jbrading5150,

You are using ScalerControl the MIDI FX version which works with external software instruments.

If you want to use the built-in sounds, you have to use Scaler as an instrument and load it from the dedicated menu on your track in Logic Pro.

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