Scaler 2 not playing sound (resolved)

Hello ! First I hope i’m posting in the right section, first time here.
I’ve been using Scaler 2 for years with no issues, & suddenly it is not playing sound anymore.
It means that i cant hear what chord i clicking on (Scaler 2 - How to Load Scaler in Ableton Live and Control an External Instrument - YouTube 1:12), making the VST pretty much useless.
I’ve read many topics reporting the same issue, but for most of them, a 2020 September update fixed it.

I’m using Windows 10 / Ableton 11 / Scaler 2 → all legit versions.
I’ve check in the preferences where the “Sounds” are, and they are indeed there.
I’ve tried restarting computer + re installing Scaler, doesnt make any difference.
Every other vst are working fine.
I also tried routing Scaler to play with another instrument (Scaler 2 | VSTi Routing in Ableton Live | Quick Tip Tutorial - YouTube) → doesnt work neither.

If anybody had the same issue & could help me please, i really dont know what else to try.

EDIT : ok so its resolved. Please feel free to delete my post if needed. But i’ll let it here in case someone has the same problem. I wasnt actually using the most recent update (2.6). I downloaded it again this morning from PluginBoutique so i thought i had the latest version, but by default, it downloads the oldest version. You have to select the newest version.