Scaler 2 Notes Cut off / Logic Crashing

Scaler 2 - Notes cut off when playing

TLDR: Notes are cutting off when changing chords, Scaler crashing Logic, Font size / type is small

I am enjoying working with Scaler and it’s given me a lot of fun new ideas to play around with. That said, I could use some help with a few issues I’ve run into working with Scaler 2 (paid) vs Scaler 1 (demo)

  1. Notes cutting off. Not sure if this is a bug or I’m missing a step between Scaler 1 and 2 configurations.

Using my left hand to play one key for each chord, and my right hand to play higher on the keyboard (not in the same key range designated for the chords), when I play the exact same thing in Scaler 2.0.2, notes are cut off when I release the foot pedal or change chord even if I haven’t released the key. This doesn’t happen in Scaler 1.8.1. In Scaler 2.0.2, when I deselect “Strumming”, the notes cut off only when I release the foot pedal. Same settings in both with different results:

Strumming on - Slow, Random
Scale Lock on - white keys only
Same instrument loaded in Kontakt
Same chord progression

What am I missing? Or is this a change in how Scaler 2 interacts with MIDI? And if so, can I get a license for 1.8.1 before the demo runs out? I really like this method of playing.

  1. Scaler seems to be crashing Logic when I save or close. It’s not consistently happening, but random.

“Logic Pro quit unexpectedly while using the ScalerControl plug-in”
Logic 10.4.4
MacOS 10.14.4

  1. Font type / size - I agree with other posters that it’s more difficult to read in 2 vs 1.8.1.