Scaler 2 on 2 octave keyboard


My problem is I have a 2 octave keyboard. The midi chord I want to capture is Amin (a,c,e) around middle c range but want to add bass note (a) 2 octaves down.

Can Scaler help out with this please?

I did think I could add any additional key to the chord once captured. Can I?

Thank you.

Yes you can add any note you want in Chord Edit. If the chord is in section C On the upper right above Section A are numbered buttons with a description on them. Choose the one that says 3 CHORD.
If you have the chord you want to alter selected you’ll the see notes in the chord in tan on the keyboard. If you click on any of those you can turn them OFF. If you click on any Key not selected you can add it to the chord. When done just click the 1 MAIN button to go back to the main view.

Perfect. Thank you Jamieh. That’s works as I wanted it to.