Scaler 2 on IOS

I Recently downloaded scaler 2 on my IPad Pro 12.9 3rd generation IOS 15.5
I noticed some issues, which are below

1- In Settings mode does not recall with my saved presets ,
whenever I open saved preset the defaults settings loads
as daw sync on off text size and others
2- The follow and trigger are same no differences, Follow is behaving like trigger
3- Audio analyzer does not work when get the option open audio ,the scaler freezes in Auv3 mode

Also having issues, after purchasing the upgrade for $18.99, the next time I opened it tells me that the network cannot verify purchase. Apple Apps store shows receipt. This can’t require constant connection to the network, right?

Found standalone shows purchase, but using as a an AU extenstion doesn’t see the purchase.
Does this need to verifiy the purchase a second time upon opening in Garageband?
I’m hoping I’m correct in assuming that once it is pulled into GB, when I’m on WiFi, it will register as purchased. Should be automatic, guess not.

Same here. Standalone is fine, but running as AUv3 it requires purchase. It doesn’t restore purchase nor allow you to buy again which is in dollars. I’m a UK user.

Once I reopened with a network connection, it saw the purchase. My issue now is the purchase supposedly has 4 components that Scaler has not clearly discussed outside of briefly in the manual.
Apparently “2 Lite” is what records within Garageband, while Scaler 2 and it’s standalone does not without something like Audiobus 3(which show it as a compatible app). There is also ScalerControl(not seen as a AU or instrument, which only drives MIDI, maybe). Color me confused.
It would be nice to have a tutorial about all 4 sub-apps and what they do.

Is all of that not in the manual?

Of course it is “RICHARD”. That’s where I read it. Doesn’t mean gained info doesn’t lead to more questions. I’m coming from W10 based recording system, where Scaler does all as one VST. New to IOS where it is compartmentalized.
Does that satisfy your Royal Snarkiness? Huh?

By the way, my questions derived from the fact that I don’t see Scaler Audio or Control coming up as choices within Garageband IOS. They in Audiobus 3, which I purchased last night. I have a lot of catching up to do. Thanks for the help :kissing_heart:

You are now on my ignore list. Thanks for showing me that you are indeed a royal ass. Good bye and good luck.

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Capt.Obvious, doesn’t like being called out for being ignorant, also obvious.

Hi all,

Please keep it civil here in the community, it’s very easy to misinterpret the nuances of communication via text and I think it’s fair to say we are all here to help and be helped! @madmarcus1960 we understand where you are coming from and I can say that we do have some tutorials for iPad on the way. They will be released on the Scalerplugin YT channel in the near future.

As for the purchase verification, we are also looking into this to see where the issue might be coming from.

@Divesh thank you for posting your issues, we will look into the problems you are experiencing.


Impressive work you did on scaler.
Running it standalone on a iPad 6th gen causes lots of clipping/buffer type audio issues playing the internal sounds, and i could not find any settings to change buffer size for example.
Doesn’thappen with all sounds but is consistent on the rhodes for example but in general it happens on all instruments. The moment the chord you hear clipping/glitches.
This ipad works flawless with most cpu intensive apps so i wonder if this is a bug or is there a minimum spec.

thank you. Example is included.

Each version of Scaler had to be opened in an appropriate host with a network available. That may or may not be an Apple thing. All good now. I have had 3 iterations of Scaler running in Audibus 3, 2 driving synths as ScalerControl, and one of ScalerLite supplying a stringed rhythm. I just need to research how to get all 3 tracks to record into Garageband. I’m learning on the fly and watch as many YT videos as I can to speed up the process.
To Jaime, apologies for being harsh, but 2 things piss me off about Forums in general.
Did you do search? and isn’t that covered in the manual?, type attitudes I belong to host of forums, some for cars, guitars, dogs, etc. I never go out of my way to show someone up that asks a legitimate question. I’ll help if I can, but at the very least won’t post my frustration over someone new seemingly overwhelmed starting off.

Forums are a community, and some of us need to be reminded to be patient and kind. No one’s perfect.
Jaime, impressive background, I’ll look to checkout some of you media and hope to learn something from it.

Well we are all subjects of this vast and imperfect social media engine that allows no nuance to a writing/speaking voice. Since many new users haven’t checked the manual or know how to access it even I usually start there. I missed that you mentioned it. Sorry, I shouldn’t have assumed you were familiar with iOS or Scaler.
Welcome to the forum and the world of Scaler. It’s come a long way since I bought Version 1 and seems to be headed for new directions of musical fun and knowledge.
Have fun and seems like you got it sorted out.

same behaviour here on iOS when in flight mode. A small message appears „No network : unable to verify purchase“.
After going online all features are available again. I can use the app for appr. 48 hours in offline mode, then the message reappears.

Welcome @bandand and @madmarcus1960 It appears that message is a bug and that you can just disregard it and your purchases are there, next time it pops up can you just click off it / disregard it. The message seems to pop up when there is no network connection which of course should not be required. We will have the DEV team issue a fix for this. Thanks for reporting.

I stopped seeing it even off line, once validated online. The problem, to me is once one of the 4 sub apps is validated online, they all should be. I saw this behavior as each was used for the 1st time. I haven’t even used ScalerAudio, so that one will need the same authentication the 1st time used.

Thanks for getting on this. Appreciate you guys.

Does Scaler 2 work within Garageband? I paid for the upgrade, but no sound comes out, and it’s not getting midi keyboard input. Looks like this app was released too soon.

Hi @Eljay and welcome to the forum.

There is a tutorial series on Youtube that you might like to watch to get used to the app and familiarise yourself with it. There will be more videos to come on the series also.

Specifically you might want to check these two out for starters:

Detecting Chords and Scales via MIDI

Loading Scaler 2 in Garageband

You should have sound regardless of the upgrade status. I would suspect that you may not be loading the Scaler2Lite version in Garageband. Garageband requires the Scaler2Lite version to be loaded for use which you will see in the tutorial above.

Hope this helps.

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Is there a way to transfer settings (state) from iOS to mac and vice versa? If not can we request it? I am sure many can benefit from sketching on the road with iPad and finishing the arrangement in the studio.