Scaler 2 out now!

It seems PluginBoutique has updated Scaler page and now we see Scaler 2.
It’s out now!!!

I’ve just bought it.
Scaler 2 Upgrade from Scaler 1: U$ 19
Fine price.

That must make the the 3rd to upgrade.

You’re the second!

VERY generous upgrade offer. Thank you PB/Scaler team. Instant buy :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Just made my purchase a minute ago great upgrade price

I purchased Scaler last week which would have the Scaler 2 upgrade. I downloaded Scaler 2 via the trial, and when I tried to register the plugin it didn’t work. Do I need a different license from the one I got for 1.8?

You can download new license from Plugin Butique- Under serial number section there is file called - Scaler2.license written in blue color.

If I go to my products, it only has scaler listed, not scaler 2.

I’m in the same boat, gdude… not sure what the process is to get the free upgrade. On a whim, I even tried adding the update to my cart, hoping it might magically be discounted to free, but no… Maybe we just need to wait for an email or something? :man_shrugging:

I think those pages are meant to be ‘offline’ as official announcement is tomorrow 27th. So potentially the free upgrades haven’t been actioned yet. I’ll check and report back here.

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I bought it. $19 upgrade is a generous price.
Downloaded it, installed it. Good to go. :+1:

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Just Purchased as well. I have to admit, $19 is just too low for an Upgrade such as this.
@Ed1 & @davide I’ll also be buying several additional copies (altho i only need just 1)
Thanks for Scaler2

Can’t find it in my account yet, guess will happen later

I don’t want to blame anyone but I bought Scaler 1.8 yesterday so I could be one of the first people to use the upgrade. Now I am still waiting for Scaler 2.


thats frustrating, I bought Scaler 1.8 2 days ago, still no Scaler 2 in my account + the DEMO of scaler 2 asks me every 30s that i have to register the scaler product. Can’t use the Scaler 2 DEMO…can’t use The Scaler full Version… but i paid. maybe next time i can download the Version first before i pay what about that?

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From Plugin Boutique:
We are launching Scaler 2 in a few hours time, we are arranging the free upgrades to be issued today.


Ou Yes! Thanks Davide.

Congrats on the release! :smiley:
Just bought Scaler 2, €19 upgrade is ridiculously good value for money :slight_smile:


It showed as available several hours ago on main sales page, as well as upgrade package. However, nothing shows in accounts page, even for eligible owners of V1.8.
Emailed support and no response there either.