Scaler 2 output to EZKeys 2: cool hybrid patterns

Here is another interesting thing I found:

  1. Make a series of chords with patterns using Scaler 2
  2. D&D the Section C to EZKeys 2 chords area: do not record anything, just D&D the series of chords!
  3. send the Scaler’s output to the EZKeys 2 input and launch your DAW
  4. Apply different pattern in EZKeys without changing too much the styles and timings

Almost all patterns you apply in EZKeys 2 will produce cool hybrid patterns that are the sum of Scaler and EZKeys patterns

Not always combinations work well, but many do the mojo

Have fun

Please Whats you mean with “D&D” ?
Thanks for your time

Drag and drop :grin:
select all chords in section C, then drag and drop all them in the chord area of EZKeys, etc.