Scaler 2 Performance Feature Not Working


The following is to request your assistance on using the performance feature in Scaler 2. For some reason I cannot drag or hear any of the rhythms from scaler 2 played in any chord progression.

I watched the online tutorials online and followed their instructions step by step, but for some reason, the rhythms are not played in the progression / pattern I set up, and therefore cannot drag the midi to the edit window in my DAW. I tried it in Pro Tools 10 and Logic Pro X.

I followed the instructions in the links below. Can you please tell me what steps I am missing to make this work?.

@AlexRamirez15. Hi Alex and welcome, we would really need to see what you are doing as it’s very hard to help. Ensure you are using Scaler 2 as an instrument on an instrument channel or if you are using a midi FX in Logic assign an instrument to it. The select a chord set, turn on performance and click on that chord and you should hear it. Very straightforward.

Here is a video of what i am seeing. Hope this helps](

This link requires permission to access. You would get quicker response if you made the video more available.

The link is open for anybody to view.

Hope this helps

Hello @AlexRamirez15

After seeing your video, i think the problem is coming from your Chord Duration settings, you can go on the Cog wheel menu on the top right of Scaler 2, and change the duration in the Playback settings before dragging it, you can also change the duration of each chord individually with the Edit menu, next to your current pattern, i hope it will help.

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