Scaler 2 Pricing

Sup guys? This is my 1st post.

I see that you all are predicting scaler 2 will be here around Q3 2019, with some major improvements like audio analysis. My question is about the “predicted” pricing of it, and will there be some sort of major discount for those of us who already bought the current version?

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Yes our existing users will be well looked after that is our priority. Don’t worry!


I hope this means you get a free upgrade if you purchased within a certain timeframe before release because I just purchased scaler 1.8 2 days ago and it’d be a serious letdown if I had to pay for an upgrade before the year is even over. Not trying to be mean or anything just expressing dissapointment if that’d be the case but I’m still hopeful lol. If not tho I’ma be like I should have gone for the competition because they’re offering free upgrades to plugins they haven’t even released yet.

You don’t have to pay for any upgrade! You can keep using Scaler 1.8 which is a piece of software we have been refining for years and offering free upgrades to. For Scaler 2, which will have brand new features, you will need to pay to use - if you want those new features. I can’t imagine many of our users would begrudge a fully fledged software developer for wanting to release a new piece of software and charging for it. Otherwise you are left with what you have. I think you will love and find our upgrade path for Scaler 2 for existing users to be more than fair and reasonable and cheap.


Looking forward to it, and happy to pay towards the next evolution of your product. :+1:

When new games come out (i.e. Red Dead Redemption 2), Red Dead Redemption 1 owners aren’t expecting it to be free. Why should music software be any different?


I too would be happy to pay for Scaler 2. I just tend to favor the dev’s that reward their loyal customers by giving a decent discount.

Davide, you’ve already sold me on the fact that you take care of your customers.


Let’s be honest, you all; SCALER is under-priced
By at least 500%. These developers are gifting us with an extraordinary tool at a brother in law rate. I have never seen a group of music theory MASTERS be SO willing to share ALL the gold-so unselfishly.
THANK YOU, from the bottom of my humble musical heart.


Yes Scaler 1.0 was really quite different & since release it’s had regular feature updates, most of which requested by us users so i will be happily paying for version 2.0.

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I Concur with this. Improved my Compositions, and Key Awareness tenfold.

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Hi everyone. Any news on Scaler 2 release date?

We are all working very hard on Scaler 2. The more we do, the more we want to do. So all about refinement from here. As a full time composer and producer and I am very excited about how Scaler 2 can further contribute to our music making. In fact, it’s a dream!
Let’s stick with Q4 2019. I imagine Ed will open a closed beta here late October.


What happened to Q3 2019?
lol, just kidding, take as much time as you need cause most of us would prefer a minimum amount of bugs vs a bug fested Scaler 2.

The real question is…
can i just go ahead and pay for it NOW?
(I’d like to be the 1st person to buy it lol, seriously)

While trying to learn scaler, i came to a MAJOR conclusion, you guys have saved us from hundreds or thousands of hours of Youtube videos, trying to learn scales & chords.

Scaler itself has become my new college professor, to help further my limited knowledge of chords & scales to make me a 10x better composer. The other people that uses scaler as a “cheat sheet” with no interest in learning music theory still benefit as well, cause they get to work 10x faster, taking most if not all of the guess work out of the equation.

This is exactly what Raulaguirre was meaning by saying Scaler is waayyy underpriced, by 500%.
I disagree though, I think Scaler is underpriced by 5000%. No books, no papers, no college regristration, no expensive college institution fee’s, no school loans, no boring teachers, no traveling expenses to and from college, no school debt, ect.,

No BS at all, cause we can open scaler when we are ready, and get to learning/creating instantly.
Once again, THANKS 1,000,000x …for the current version, and all future versions


No you can’t buy it now but you can closed beta test it for us so you will be amongst a select few to have it first. Closed beta should open in October. @Ed1 is there a submission process for this Ed?
PS - The first public launch will be at ADE mid October!


I would definitely be interested in beta testing or just buying the beta as EA.

I would be interested in the beta. I have been holding off on buying Scaler until v2 is released (or complimentary upgrade is included).

The beta will be available to users with a v1 license.

Details will be posted on the forum when the beta starts :slight_smile:


Yes, let me be a beta tester too pleaseeeeee :smile: man I can’t wait for Scaler 2…

When I saw this, I had to comment…

You know, I wouldn’t mind having to pay, even full price, from what I saw in the video.

I love the form factor of Scaler, and can only imagine 2.0 would be worth every penny.
Not here to kissass or anything, but it seriously helped me progress as a musician.
I never knew how to make scales work together, and this totally helped me make more melodic music.

I tell all my musician buddies about it now, most just laugh at me, but a few of them are just as blown away as I am. heh. I’ve read alot, watched alot, but getting to be hands on with your “automated” choices helps everyone learn new progressions they may never even knew existed.

Besides, if it’s anywhere near the price point as the original Scaler, it’s a double slam dunk…
I’ve tried 3 other melodic style software packages and by far,
Scaler has helped more than all of the others combined.
Keep it up… super excited to see this new version.


just my .2 but after seeing the version 2 video I’ll gladly pay for scaler again. anyone who is tripping over paying for it should just think about price per use, for the amount of times I’ve used scaler its cheap to me.

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I have a v1 license and wonder what happened with the beta?