Scaler 2 revs PC cpu fan every 30 secs

Every 30 seconds, Scaler 2.04 revs my CPU fan to the max for about 5 secs on my DELL 7390 with windows 10 1909. I tried and the same thing happens on another PC: Surface Pro. This is using Ableton 10.1.14 and 10.1.13.

Hi @chriso

thanks for reporting your issue,

Are you using the registered version of Scaler 2 or the demo? Just checking because you could be referring to the white noise generated as part of the trial limitations.

If you have already registered, and are still experiencing heavy CPU load, we recommend running Scaler at a smaller size. We will be working on some performance improvements in the next few days.

I can add that you can also save some performance if you don’t need the audio in to be analysed live you can switch OFF live audio detection by clicking the “AUDIO” button from the top bar :


having the same issue. just downloaded for the first time - using demo. how can i get rid of the fan every 30 seconds? please advise thank you