Scaler 2 + riffers to create guitar arpeggios/riffs in the rock, jazz, blues area

I tried almost all riffers in the market, and it seems to me that only a few can be useful to create guitar arpeggios/riffs in the rock, jazz, blues area:

ChordPotion is the N. 1 to me, but I suspect I can do the same with Scaler and this trick

Riffer is the N. 2, but using it to build convincing guitar arpeggios/riffs is hard

I also tried Cthulhu, Midi Madness 3, Phrasebox, but I find their patterns too much “mechanical”

most plugins I tried seemed to be more suitable for EDM, trap and similar plagues :exploding_head:

BTW, if developers were able to make videos with different styles, not “EDM, trap and similar plagues” as usually happens, it could be great for us old dinos


Hi Claudio,
Not the full solution you’re looking for but many of the riffs in 2.3 were written by guitarists for guitarists (the last ten from memory). See attached:


I tried many of them and I found one wonderful
I clearly want more like that, or an option to build them :smiley:
just some moment and I’ll drop the output

BTW @davide I found that 1 step can be skipped when moving chords from Scaler’s Section C to EzKeys: there is no need to record the series!

Simply bring the series of chords with the lasso and drag in Ezkeys
the only problem then is that you have to set manually the chord key, but apart that all goes perfectly and the time spent to record is spared