Scaler 2 - semitone, octave button layout and hit area in edit

When you edit a pad, like with shift click on it, it looks more or less like this:

- - [PAD] + +

I would suggest to tweak this control a bit. It requires a lof of left, right mouse movement when playing around with these controls.

Maybe more something like this?

- + [PAD]
- +

Furthermore, the simple characters ‘-’ and ‘+’ are harder to hit than a small button. It’s a visual thing, I notice it’s noticeable harder to move the cursor over the hit area of a ‘-’, than over a button that shows it’s hit area clearly. I guess it’s because even when you know there is a hit area around it, you aim for the small structure?

  • I suggest to show the hit area by a small border around the ‘-’ and ‘+’.
  • Or to make the ‘Octave’ and ‘Semitone’ label also clickable. This label is quite easier to hit than the ‘-’ or ‘+’
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