Scaler 2 show's up in Plugins browser but doesn't launch

Hi there , I have since this morning an issue with my Scaler 2 which doesn’t want to launch in my SO4 . When loading an older project with some Scaler’s occurence Studio One says that it is not installed on my mac ; that’s weird cos I can see the VST2, VST 3 and AU in my plugins browser but when I try to drag it into the project and create an instrument track it’s not working and won’t launch , same of course with the Scaler FX one’s . Does anyone had this trouble shooting ?
Mac OS 10.12.6 , Studio One 4 ? Scaler2 v 2.5

Hi @Rico

check what folder the plugin is in on your filesystem and try re-scanning your plugins from Studio One.
You can also try to reinstall Scaler on your system, it might help.

Thanks Ed for your answer but my Scaler plugin is in the right folder with all my other plugin and rescan doesn’t help neither as a reinstall ( i did installed the last version 2.6) it’s really weird as my OS was not able to load it anymore which is not the case cos scaler should work perfectly on OSX10.12

I use Scaler 2.6, on Mac OS Big Sur 11.7, Studio One 5.5.2. No problems, I think that has been the case for a while.