Scaler 2: Sound List?

Hi all,

Is there a list anywhere of the sounds that will come with Scaler 2?

Basically I’m wondering if S2 will have a short string patch (for expressions) in addition to the current slow sustain strings…


In order to assume compatibility we’ve kept all the sounds loopable and legato. I guess we could try a staccato sound. I’ll chat with the team and add one during the week to see how it works. Thanks for suggestion.

Thanks Davide. One other option that could work is a loopable string patch with a short attack. Nucleus Lite has a few like this they call performer patches and they work really well. Hope that’s a useful alternative…


Yes very useful thank you. Am trying a few options this week. Stay tuned.

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Thanks Davide, and my pleasure… Have a fantastic week!

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