Scaler 2: Sound List?

Hi all,

Is there a list anywhere of the sounds that will come with Scaler 2?

Basically I’m wondering if S2 will have a short string patch (for expressions) in addition to the current slow sustain strings…


In order to assume compatibility we’ve kept all the sounds loopable and legato. I guess we could try a staccato sound. I’ll chat with the team and add one during the week to see how it works. Thanks for suggestion.

Thanks Davide. One other option that could work is a loopable string patch with a short attack. Nucleus Lite has a few like this they call performer patches and they work really well. Hope that’s a useful alternative…


Yes very useful thank you. Am trying a few options this week. Stay tuned.

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Thanks Davide, and my pleasure… Have a fantastic week!

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Just noticed the staccato strings. Thanks a ton for adding this, absolutely brilliant!



and the Hybrid Staccato strings - Thank YOU!

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My pleasure! :slight_smile:

I was just wondering if a Rhodes coming?


Yes I have a stage and suitcase and I’ll make a nice patch for Scaler. Aiming for 2.2 maybe even 2.1 Depending upon what the team agrees


Great @davide… Just a little tip, what my brother does at meetings with his work team… He buys a bowl of Jelly Babies, & put the bowl in the middle for everyone to have a dig in… He’s never been refused his way… Jelly Babies is the answer… Oh yeah!.. While we’re on the sound request thingy?.. Would there be a possibility I’d some Disco Strings… There’s not many vst software that can emulate Disco Stings/Motown/ Philadelphia strings sound & action on a midi keyboard… Even making Scaler 2 arp, ect… Pitch Bend for pull ups, pull downs… That sort of thing… I’m probably asking on the wrong thread here?.. If not?.. No probs mate… Just asking?..

I’m struggling to interpret the jelly beans metaphor. But I like it.
Disco strings well that’s a little beyond the remit of what Scaler is because as you rightly mentioned it’s all in the recording and design. Having said that our string ensemble patch played high is a good starting point!

Thank you for the reply @davide… When my Brother had meetings with his team… There were some difference of opinion in the meeting… Sometimes, it got a bit heated in discussion… The Jelly Bean candy helped dissolve the situation, so he could bend it his way… Worked with his bosses too… Especially, if things got too heated… lol… But as for the Disco strings , yes I have used the Scaler string sound… It’s very good… It’s just that I find it difficult to get that Chord sound… Only way I could explain, if you listen to Loopmasters Disco Stings Sample Pack… It’s very close to the 1970/1980 sounds, like Chic… Sister Sledge… That sort of thing… But yes your right… But I had to ask… The Loopmasters string did come with Midi data, but the file is just one long information from the whole sample pack… In one long play… It’s not divided into sections, so I couldn’t put it through Scaler to learn via Scaler how the disco strings were played… It’s a bit of a mess really… But anyway thank you again mate… You & the team keep up the awesome work… I’m always looking forward what is coming next from you & the team…