Scaler 2 special chords recognition?

Hello Scaler team,

Was wondering if Scaler 2 will be able to recognize and display special chords such as, for instance in C, Clyd, Cphy, Cloc or Csus4b5, etc… while playing them on the keyboard??


Detection and chord recognition is a tough and very interpretable process. Given all the variations possible we are fairly comforbtale with Scalers chord detection and naming abilities. Sure, there is always room for improvement and refinement which we continue to do. Your example of Csus4b5 is an extremely good one, depending upon the inversion it can be interpreted in many ways from a F5add b9 to a F#Maj7 no5 b3

Yes for sure.
Precisely, for chords like Csus4b5 or it’s inversions, wouldn’t be nice to display them instead of nothing?

All the best

F#Maj7 no5 b3 is how Scaler 2 displays them. I noticed Scaler 1 doesn’t display a chord. Not sure that is something we will address at this time.