SCALER 2: Teach Scaler/Learn an "Expression" Style

Hi! I feel a little silly requesting something for Scaler 2 before it releases, but after seeing the Scaler 2 walkthrough I had to post this request. (I am PSYCHED for it!)

It would be great if eventually there were the ability to teach it an expression by playing something into it.

A few examples might be:

Ostinato figures played in to scaler.
Playing in a MIDI file that has a unique playing style the user likes.
Perhaps rhythmic figures/styles being captured

I’m assuming this is quite a bit complex as I’m guessing there’s some machine learning behind the algorithm… Assuming this could eventually even possible I’m guessing it would be quite a while before it were a feature… Just wanted to make the request in case it hadn’t already crossed your mind or in your backlog of requests…

Anyway thanks again. you have built something truly remarkable!


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We’d love to go there and that is where we are headed but as you correctly assumed there is a lot going on in terms of dev, implementation and interpretation! Will get there. We’ve got some half way features aimed for 2.5 Stay tuned and thanks for feedback.


Excellent. Thanks again Davide. Hope you’re safe and well! Best…

Excellent feature request! And nice to hear some progress is being made on this! Now I want to join an Alpha group! Hehe.

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