Scaler 2 to enhance Ezkeys

Hi there

I found a way to improve the experience with Toontrack Ezkeys

the Toontrack plugin has amazing sounds but phrases are not so various
sure, you have the option to randomize scales you made with it, but I found that you can only use the first 1-2 randomizations, and the others are awful, and anyway you don’t have the same deep control on every part of the song as in Scaler 2

so tonight I had the idea to have Ezkeys sending a series of chords to Scaler 2: fantastic idea, as I was able then to transform that boring series of chords in tons of cool variations
and when I found the sequence I liked more, I used Scaler 2 to drive Ezkeys and recorded

clearly, you can use the same workaround for any instruments plugin that has MIDI out-in

let me know what do you think about


What do you mean by “phrases are not so various”? Toontrack has thousands of midi patterns but you have to purchase them. To me its the opposite of what you wrote, the sounds in EZkeys are weak to me but the phrases are brilliant.

Hi Thomass

your mileage may vary, clearly

I have many of their MIDI patterns but their database is quite poor in the genres I prefer, and I consider “phrases not so various”, and in certain case too much close to the Big bands that inspired them (e.g. The Yes)

the same applies to my Strum-GS 2 MIDIs, at the point I would have never bought it if I discovered Scaler before

BTW, can I know what sound do you consider better?
I still have a lot to learn
I am speaking about pipe organ, Hammond, moog, and major electric pianos

I don´t know organ types very well, there are many others out there who knows much better. But regarding e-piano there is no better than Scarbee Classic EP-88s or Spectrasonics Keyscape. Latter is much more expensive but has the ultimative piano collection.

Thanks Thomas
I’ll do a look at those tools

How did you get sScaler to drive Ezkeys? Could you explain he procedure in more detail?

Hi MyScales

I use one of 2 slightly different workflows

the more complex is having an Ezkeys MIDI with its output sent to Scaler in Detect mode
after Scaler detects the scale I search for a proper phrase, arpeggio etc
at the end I drag the Scaler MIDI back to Ezkeys, or I send the Scaler output to Ezkeys armed

the other workflow is simply sending the Scaler output to Ezkeys with Inputs setup as per screenshot

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