Scaler 2 together with an arpeggiator

Following (more or less) the @tony10000 and @jamieh tips, I tried to use an arpeggiator together with Scaler 2 to drive my GSi VB3 II to build more complex patterns, and it seems working very well

I also tried Chulthu, but found it not better (for my kind of music) than Ableton Live harpies

Here is the 1st routing before recording anything

The Hammond is driven by Scaler and by this Ableton Live arp dropped on the 2 Midi track

Ableton Live arp

2 Scaler instances (1 and 4) in sync drive the Hammond and the Acco Guitar, while the 3rd Scaler (7) drives the guitar solo through green keys

Scaler-1.xml (12.2 KB)
Scaler-4.xml (12.1 KB)
Scaler-7.xml (12.5 KB)

The acco guitar and its amp

The solo guitar

Here is the 2nd routing that I set after recording all tracks: I found that deselecting all inputs lowers the CPU consumption

And now the MIx & Match for @yorkeman and others

I set the spatial situation with the Visual Mixer and my ears

Then I apply the Tonal Balance tool and see

Here you see the final situation, but before I had an excess of basses, and a lack of mids & highs

I fixed the excess of basses using the EzBass Neutron equalizer
To fix the lack of mids I used the GSi VB3 Neutron equalizer
And to partially fix the lack of highs I used the solo guitar Neutron equalizer

And now here is the resulting song Two Harpies

I keep thinking that, for the music I play and jam, multiple instances of Scaler are better than any arpeggiator, but this test shows that they can be useful, sometimes :grin: