Scaler 2 + Toontrack's EZKeys, EZBass and EZDrums 3

Hi pals

Friday I composed a 2 minute song with all parts, intro, verse, pre-chorus etc. for almost all instruments

I never did that before, but I think I’ll do that more often in the future, because the resulting song is way more interesting

And I also found a better workflow for Scaler + Toontrack’s EZKeys, EZBass and EZzDrums

EZBass can upload any EZKeys project (not the exported MIDI, but the whole stuff you created)
So composing the piano part will come first by now (before I alway started with the guitar)

My preferred 1st step is finding a nice series of chord in Scaler, but this time I composed an intro, one verse, pre-chorus etc. each in a different 8 pieces line in Section C

Scaler-2.xml (65.5 KB)

In the 2nd step I recorded the Scaler output in EZKeys itself
(Scaler output in EzKey input, then record button in EZKey )

In the 2d step I used the scissors to have intro, verse, pre-chorus etc. and in the 4th step I applied a series of EZKeys matched patterns

In the 5th step I exported the EZKeys project

In the 6th step I uploaded the EZKeys project in EZBass: doing that you have the exact series of piano chords, and almost never bad bass notes

In the 7th step I used the scissors to cut the intro, verse, pre-chorus etc., and then I applied the relevant names to each part: too bad the EZBass doesn’t recognize the names from EzKeys, but you’ll find that right clicking on the Add Song Part At Selected Blocks menu(s), it offers you the matching EZKeys part names first, so it’s not so difficult doing this job

In the 8th step I found and applied a nice series of different bass patterns to the intro, verse, pre-chorus etc.

The 9th step with Toontrack’s was feeding EZDrums with a MIDI from EZKeys or EZBass (I don’t remember what of the two, but doesn’t matter)

The 10th step was removing some redundant parts so that intro, verse, pre-chorus etc were matched with EZKeys and EZzBass ones

The 11th step was adding embellishment to the drums-line like riffs, bridges etc

The 12th step was duplicating Scaler

The 13th step was finding a nice pattern for AAS Strum-GS 2

Scaler-1.xml (68.1 KB)

The 14th and last step was the usual Izotope’s Mix & Match

Here is the result Suonando in Pace (playing in peace)

The cover shows a cow herd playing cowbells :bell: :bell:

The title come from the fact I am fed quarreling for trivial things :grin:


This is great Claudio although maybe the mix is a little piano ‘heavy’.

Thanks for the workflow ideas.

All the best.

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thanks @PTR Patrick
this is the exact criticism I received in Metapop :grinning:, so I’ll remix it when I’ll have some time to do