Scaler 2 + Ujam guitars: a lot of nice riffs, sound so-so

Hi guys, I’m testing the demo just now and I want to share what I found

Here is a simple routing for testing

The 1st Scaler feeds a MIDI tracks that feeds Ujam, hitting Common Phrases keys
The 2nd Scaler feeds a MIDI tracks that feeds Ujam, hitting Chords pink keys

To have the 2 Scalers hitting the right areas I am using Ableton Pitch by ear

The cosy thing is that the 2 Scalers don’t need to have the same patterns!
Quite the opposite you are free to use different Chords and Voice groupings, etc

The only 2 things that seem mandatory to me, are:
1 - under Phrases, Melody and Sequences, use “chords” as showed below

2 - use the 2nd Scaler without Performances: i.e. only the 1st Scaler is to be used to feed performances

About the Ujam sounds, I prefer the AAS Strum-GS ones, but adding a good amp to UJAM improves the sound a lot

BTW: I noticed that the UJAM vst wastes less CPU power than AAS Strum-GS
(1 yellow bar vs 2-3), that is good

Moreover, it seems to me that the Scaler Humanization is transferred to UJAM, that is OK

AND, this is very interesting: if you record some bars then you replay the song disconnecting the 2 Scalers from UJAM, all variations remains!

With AAS Strum-GS instead, you have to add further steps to retrieve the variations recorded, something I hate to do each time

OK; got it :grinning: