Scaler 2 + UJAM Sparkle are good at... Funk!

Following the Carlos advice and improving it a bit with two Scaler 2 instances, a lot of funky vibes jumped one

Here is one example

And now the technical part

The routing

And the 2 MIDI Polyshers

The 2 Scaler instances for UJAM Sparkle

Scaler-1.xml (13.6 KB)
Scaler-2.xml (12.1 KB)

The UJAM Sparkle pattern used

The S-Gear amp

About the bass, I started with Broomstick Bass, as usual, but I used then the Toontrack Audio sender to send the UJAM Sparkle output to EzBass, and I found then an amazing bassline

The bass and guitar MIDIs
EzBass.mid (8.5 KB)
VG-SPARKLE 2.mid (22.8 KB)

About the 3 brass instruments I used a new (for me) technique: instead of using the same Scaler’s scale and root-note, I used different scales and different root-notes as you can see below

These apparent dissonances work actually very well together and I found this option once again through the Carlos video :heart_eyes:

Moreover, I played the 3 brasses shifted in time, so that e.g. when a brass ends its riff, the other brass starts its riff at the same pitch, with the intent to give (I hope :grin:) the feeling that all instruments call each other…

@yorkeman this is for you:
I always use the Izotope tools to mix & max and I’d like show you how useful are the Visual Mixer and the Tonal Balance

With the Visual Mixer you can put instruments in the space, and you can also ask it to set some plugins more “prominent”: the bass and one brass in my case, but then you are free to move instruments by ear and taste

With the Tonal Balance instead, you can visually check if some frequency is possibly low or lacking

in this case, I didn’t have a Funk preset so I used Jazz
the bass notes were a bit too much, but I wanted the bass guitar instrument prominent and I didn’t want change the brass nature, so I left it alone
I was unable to change anything to have more high notes, but in other situations I was able to do it

I still have to work on velocities @jamieh and stay reassured that I’ll try to understand it a day or another