Scaler 2 updates requests

I want a Tropical house genre. More rythms, performences and phrases. Like a kygo style. It would be very cool if you asked famous guitarists and base players how they would play riffs and melodies. I am dreaming of an melody generator like midi madness 3 software. Thanks

Looks like you may get all of that as that is exactly what we are doing - except Tropical House! Stay tuned and thanks for feedback.


When is the update coming? Is it free for us who have scaler 2 already? Can you suggest Tropical House for me please?

Yes all part of scaler 2. New expressions and some great improvements in audio detection amongst other things first up in 2,1

Wow! This is great news! One thing I like about MMadness3 is that, unlike other random generators, you can heavily constrain it with music theory, getting much more useful results. And I always thought, “how convenient if Scaler had a section like this”. Wow. (Especially since MM3 seems semi-abandoned lately…)