Scaler 2 Upgrade Effect on Scaler 1

Hello, I just bought the Scaler 2 upgrade from v1. Will this replace my install of Scaler 1 or be a separate plugin? If it is a replacement upgrade, will previous instances of Scaler 1 in Logic still function properly as Scaler 2 after the upgrade? I’m in the middle of a project using Scaler 1, so I wanted to ask. I didn’t see any topics on that yet. And obviously, I can’t wait to see the new features haha!


Seperate plugins Shawn so go in peace. If for some reason something strange happens reinstall Scaler 1 (which ever version you have) but I can open all my old Scaler sessions no problem but once had to reinstall Scaler 1 to fix a internal sound link

Thanks for the quick reply! I cannot wait to check it out. And thanks for all of the hard work and communication with your customers. And thanks for the great upgrade deal! Much appreciated!


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