Scaler 2 user Riffs

Hello can I make my user riffs or grooves or pattern in scaler 2

Try experimenting with Performance Playbacks on EDIT page. I have posted a short video on using performance playback whcih you can access through this post.

At this time you cannot make your own performances or phrase directly in Scaler. As @ed66 mentioned, on the edit page you can tweak timing, order, duration, etc. and at least service the performances to more then just push play.

Thanks for information but This is not My choice

Check it this the app where you can make your riffs but Scaler 2 is more powerful in some cases

@jamieh This may be a picky point, but Scaler includes a number of motifs and phrases that you can combine and apply in the Performance Playback panel on the EDIT page.

Each block can have a different performance so it ispossible to build up some interesting phrases and grooves. This is especially true if you combine it with using a midi clip(s) to trigger the blocks in Scaler, thus applying a rhythmic element to the pattern.

I created a 4-bar phrase in minutes using arpeggios, and a short midi clip to trigger the blocks.

I assume that @Divesh is looking to create short 4 or 8 bar phrases as he is asking about

The short phrase is called perf ex ,wave

Hope thi shelps with the creativity.

I believe that is just what I pointed out. This is the way I use it all of the time.

No guys You all are confused about my question
My Point is
1-There is a pattern IN MY MIND
2-which I want to USE in scaler with chords progression
3-can I do this JOB in scaler

If you are asking if you can write your own pattern/performances in Scale the simple answer is no, at this time you cannot (as I already stated earlier). Scaler has patterns, performances, expressions that are built into it.
To do what you want you would write the pattern in your DAW and apply the Scaler chord progressions there. I do this myself.
At some point down the line the Devs have talked about adding the ability to edit or add patterns to Scaler for the user but that would be a big undertaking and is not scheduled anytime soon.


Thanks for taking interest and your guidance

What DAW are you using, if I may ask?

Sorry guys, I have misunderstood the original point of starting from a riff that you have composed.

@jamieh is absolutely right that Scaler is good at suggesting chords to harmonise a riff or phrase.

Not now but it’s a heavily requested user feature and will come in the future. There are many ways this can work and I think it’s important to implement something that works alongside the fact that scaler always sounds good. Users will blame always the software if it sounds not good!


AFAIK, you can not do this in EZ Keys either. Sorry if i am misinterpreting your previous post, but you can not create a riff pattern from scratch in EZ Keys. You can do basic editing of library midi blocks, like cut, shorten etc.

I think the optimal way to do this, in both scaler and EZ Keys , is to find the most similar pattern to what you’ve in your mind (with desired chord progression), drag the chord riff block to daw and edit it in the daw’s midi editor.

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Record any midi file in Cmaj scale In any daw and export to hard drive and import that folder in ezkeys …… now you can use any chord progressions on your recorded midi file pattern


You can record direct to ezkeys built in recorder it recognised automatically the chord and scale

It all about very simple

I’m not familiar with EZ Keys, but you can also import thr midi pattern to scaler nd it will suggest the scale in which your song has been written, with a few alternative suggestions. You then have to select the chords for harmony. So to expand on my earlier post

You then have to select the chords to harmonise the riff. This does of course give you great freedom for to develop the composition.

There must be a misunderstanding. I´m using EZkeys since the version 1 but there is no way you can do what you write here. You use different words for what you are looking and all these terms mean different things: a riff is a combination of rhythm and chords or notes, typically used with guitar but not limited to.
A progression must not necessarily have a rhythm but chord changes (also derived from single notes).
And a pattern is normally spoken a set of chords, also a progression but more part of a song and uses rhythm as well.
What EZkeys does is to take your chords and press it into a given (!) progression or better said: style. However you can choose on which part of the progression/pattern you want to have a harmonic change, it your own decision and EZkeys takes this into account. Take the best out of both worlds (Scaler AND Ezkeys) and you will be on the bright side of live. E.g. record a progression from Scaler, drag ´n´drop it into EZkeys and change it to your wanna-be-style - et voilá.

Please check this post carefully and got what I said in earlier post . And I did this job many times

Certain. It can be done and it works. It also works great, directly dragging a chord progression from the Scaler directly into Ezkeys, and then applying whatever styles you have in the Ezkeys browser there

This is not about creating your own style, it is creating a midi file and EZkeys is putting over it´s style. I´m pretty sure there is a big misunderstanding here with terms.
Scalers approach is different to EZkeys.