Scaler 2 vs EZKeys 2 to drive instruments

Well, as a jammer I need a “keys, bass and drums” basis (possibly also a rhythmical guitar) that is fast to make, so I can start jamming with solo instruments and have fun

So far I used Scaler, but I always had troubles to produce certain rhythms like e.g. funky, and many problem driving solos

These days I tested EZKeys 2 hoping it was able to replace Scaler, but I can say that:
1 - EZKeys 2 is amazing for keys, bass and drums, but it cannot replace Scaler to drive solo instruments, and it cannot drive UJAM guitars
2 - Scaler is cumbersome when it comes to create rhythms, but it is amazing to “sync” many different instruments, UJAM included, and sometimes I can drive solos with it
3 - they are something hard or impossible to put together to use the best of both

I try to explain it better:
With EZKeys 2 I can create quickly a mini-band for jamming (keys, bass and drums) without coming out their ecosystem, but when it comes to drive any solo instrument I have troubles possibly because EZKeys 2 produce unusual chords and uses articulations

In this case I try with Scaler, but Scaler is often unable to recognize the chords played by EZKeys 2, and rebuilding them is cumbersome, so I often come to a dead end :cold_face:

If Scaler were able to recognize perfectly EZKeys chords, I could have EZKeys building “keys, bass and drums” fast, then I could use Scaler to drive a solo (when it works) or sync other instruments that aren’t in the Toontrack ecosystem

Anybody has any suggestion?

There is a way @davide to improve the “chord recognition” feature in the next release so that this workflow becomes easier?

Are you sure the chord is not just given another name by Scaler? This happens but the chord is in fact the correct chord. What are you trying in EZ keys? I’ll try it on my end.
[ADDENDUM] I see what you mean now. Since EZKeys is not playing any block chords Scaler can’t really deal well with that broken style of playing. It be easy enough to just enter the chords into Scaler since most of the Funk stuff is seventh chords with a few of the same chords one right after the other.
Too bad you can just D&D the chords without the MIDI playing. Scaler goes into EZKeys just fine including the Patterns and that’s mostly what I think is smart.


it’s easy for a guy that knows that :grinning:
but the same applies to the many other styles I like
too much cumbersome at the end

Scaler goes into EZKeys

Yes, I used it so far, but Scaler is too much cumbersome to create syncopated rhythms, AND it is often useless to help my solos

So I have currently 2 amazing systems:
both do different things I love, but I cannot have both working together YUK

What DAW are you using? I think you could setup a second EZKeys and copy the chords from the first into it. Then in the second EZKeys set the chords to block chords say quarter note and then send that to Scaler. I use Studio One and will try that over the weekend. Scaler should be able to read the blocks chords then I should think.

Both are great products and they are complementing my creative process but I have been drag and dropping primarily from Scaler 2 to EZKeys 2 so far. Just got EZKeys 2. I will let you know what I find. Studio One also has a chords track but I am not sure how that might interface with either program directly without actual midi in the individual instrument track.



Hi Gregg

I have Bitwig Studio
what do you mean for “set the chords to block chords”?

There are simple block chords in EZKeys. They are under Pads. So set those on the EZKeys you want to use to have Scaler detect the chords from.

Then you go to your Funk Groove and drag just the Chords and not the MIDI to the EZkeys that contain just those simple block chords. Now the block chords have the same chord structure as the Funk tune.

Now D&D that whole chord and MIDI to Scaler and Viola! Scaler detects the simple chords that match the Funk groove. With a few tweaks you got a groove thang! with chords that match in Scaler and EZKeys.


where are Pads here?

On the left under EZKey Libraries near the top Under EZKeys 2 Folder. Under Pads - The first one is just simple block chords in CMaj. You can change them to anything Scaler makes.

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I’ll try that later…

It doesn’t work, as you see below:

EZKeys uses ONE Cmaj pattern and Scaler transformed the Cmaj Pad in 8 lines of different chords

I think I’ll use the good old workflow with Scaler driving EZKeys first
I’ll keep using Bitwig’s Harmonize & Key Filter