Scaler 2 with an arranger vst possible?

Hi pals

As many of you should have got, I am more a jammer that a musician or a composer

This is why I am so happy with Broomstick Bass and its drums-like metronome, regardless of its old age, but the piano/organ accompaniment is tricky and a waste of time and fun when I want just jam

In any case, consider that most of my songs come out like a jam, and possibly they become a complete song after having created/edited the bass, drums, etc. parts

That said, I found that a few arranger plugins exist, but many aren’t VSTs, one that I tested is not compatible with Scaler, another seems to be fine but it’s too expensive (more than 300 USD)

My goal is using Scaler for its core use, i.e finding some amazing series of chords, and then using the arranger plugin to recognize those chords, drive any of my keyboard plugins, then lets me possibly play the solos with other plugins

Have you experience in this task, and do you know notably the arranger called Giglad?

Its price is reasonable, so I would buy it if it works as expected, and if putting it together with Scaler is easy

Can you also tell me the name of that other program? I didn’t really understand what the program you shared does?

the name is Giglad, the link is in my post

I tested it yesterday and I found it interesting, but… it is not a vst
nevertheless, it can work with VSTs 2 and 3 so maybe you can use it with Scaler put into, but I found the learning curve too much steep to me

another seems to be fine but it’s too expensive (more than 300 USD)…. Another name?

I don’t know if vArranger works, but the price stops me from even installing the demo :crying_cat_face:

Anyway, try googling for “arranger vst”, for example “arranger vst”

I think to remember I checked it, but was unable to get a sound out :grin:

if you succeed, please let me know

In fact, if it is the most convenient, I think BIAB is a good choice. I usually click on chords in SCALER for inspiration. If I find a chord progression, I immediately enter it in BIAB, select the music style, and immediately generate the accompaniment, which feels very good.

If I need to improve, I go to daw for the next step. At this point, I can record vocals, very quickly.

Speaking of vocals, I recently discovered a new plugin and I’m feeling great. I don’t know if you have noticed.

@ClaudioPorcellana - I see why you might be confused. It took me a bit until I found this video —

It requires a rethink. There are 2 parts to the plugin but when it’s set up right it behaves kind of like Scaler with the Key lock on. It transposes in realtime so you can use any pattern to trigger Transpose and play into Scanner and it will follow you. This should be fun.
Still fooling with it but it has a 30 day demo (very generous) so I will be exploring this for sure.
In some ways I could see Scaler evolving somewhat in this direction although with a different spin on it.


Very interesting video, thanks for sharing

I installed the ReChord program on my M1 machine. Can’t find installation anywhere. Logic doesn’t even recognize it.

Thanks, but actually I did all those passages, following the user manual

But don’t be fooled by the pianist in the video
the notes of the solo are not like Scaler green-keys, so one cannot calls it “auto-accompaniment” like e.g. my Broomstick Bass (or like AIR Iginite)

In other words, this tool doesn’t behave like hardware arrangers, i.e. it doesn’t follow the solo notes you play producing in-tune basslines, drumlines, etc.

Rather, you must create one or multiple patterns first (with Scaler maybe) and then you have to follow that pattern(s) with your bare hands and knowledge of music

Moreover, using Scaler to feed patterns didn’t work in my case

The only difference I see in the video is the splitted keyboard that wasn’t visible in my tests: maybe this is the way I was unable to use Scaler to feed it, but anyway this tool is not an arranger

Now, if you look at the vArranger interface, you’ll understand what I am searching for :grin:
and you should also understand why re-chord is not an option

The only cheap option is Giglad that can use tons of Yamaha free patterns, but…
it is not a vst YUK

Nevertheless, it can work with VSTs 2 and 3 so maybe you one use it with Scaler put into, but I found the learning curve too much steep to me, so a brave volunteer is needed to test it…

I could even consider that program, but it doesn’t seem to work unless it’s based on Windows.

Not fooled by anybody. Just checking it out. After further exploring I can do much more already in Cubase 12 and it’s chord track section. It was worth checking out but not worth $99. Still, there are elements of that, if adapted by Scaler could be cool down the road. I might work with it a little more but it isn’t intuitive at all.

Yes, being counter-intuitive is a feature of many apps, and a feature that stops me giving any money :grin:

Well, it seems to me that the only real arrangers are BIAB and vArranger

But I don’t like both for different reasons, so I’ll wait that another one jumps out, if any

I haven’t figured out what ReChord is trying to be. Scaler fits more the Auto Accompaniment in many ways. It’s cool in an experimental way but it’s still missing something especially for $99.

I checked better the website, and vArranger is not actually a VST, but a VST host, so not an option

BIAB is the only arranger available, apparently
and a tear ran down my cheek, thinking to Carlos Eduardo Arellano

BIAB is very useful. But BIAB VST is not stable.
I only use BIAB’s main program. Enter chords, export WAV, put WAV into DAW