Scaler 2+ with MPC Beats DAW

Hi. There, Can Scaler 2 be used with the MPC Beats DAW? Especially the MIDI routing

Hi, and welcome,

If MPC Beats allows you to use VST or AU instruments then Scaler should work. Double check on the AKAI forums/support to make absolutely sure. I don’t know the product. The website says it can use VST instruments, but get your best answer from AKAI or someone here who knows more.

Scaler 2 will work as a plugin within MPC Beats, using the internal Scaler sounds. I haven’t yet figured out how to route the MIDI output of Scaler to another channel, to play another VSTi. You could use the midi capture and drag the notes to another track, but it’s a little bit cumbersome.

Welcome @mking1 @kayode.oluwafemi I don’t believe MPC software supports midi pass through to trigger another VST internally. There are some workarounds including bluecat patchbay: