Scaler always changes the voicing I originally recorded. Am I missing something in Scaler's settings?

Howdy all… Every time I capture an idea in Scaler Scaler changes the voicings I originally performed.
I’m guessing I’ve missing something in the settings somewhere?
Either way it sure seems like this should be Scaler’s default setting out of the box, or at least there should be the option to set this as its default behavior…

For example I use Scaler mainly as an idea pad, where I can recall progressions I either have unintentionally stumbled onto while working on something else, or spent a few minutes working out, but want to develop later… Voicing and voice leading often have a huge impact on how you interpret a progression… If you come back to an idea a few days later and the voicing isn’t the same, you’ve essentially lost (IMO) the most important aspect of the original idea you intended on developing later…

FYI: I’m aware of the voicing menu options, the chord editing feature. The voicing feature really isn’t the same. As far as editing, having to edit a chord you’ve already voiced a specific way is redundant and doesn’t really make for a great workflow.

So basically is there a setting I’ve missed? (Sure seems like it…)
And if not, could you guys please consider letting us set this as a default?

Hopefully I’m just being thick and have missed something that’s been staring me in the face all along…


Hi @zedsdeadbaby

this does not sound like the normal behavior.
There are many ways to get chords into Scaler, would you mind sharing a step by step example of how you use Scaler to capture your ideas?

Also, if you could add some details about your system and which DAW or host you are using.


Thanks for getting back so quickly Ed1!

Here’s how I’ve always used Scaler:

  1. I set the plugin as an instrument in Logic. Once inserted I simply hit Scaler’s record button and capture my performance, that’s it…

  2. Or, I capture an idea to midi 1st, figure out the correct voicing, then re-record MIDI from that clip directly back into Scaler, from that same track Scaler is already inserted on.

Behavior has always been identical either way… I get a standard voicing, typically with an octave added below.

DAW is Logic 10.5 and 10.6 (mainly 10.5 though as I have an older machine and tend to move projects between them). Behavior in both versions is identical.


I’ve seen this on two different machines. 10.13.6-10.14.6 on the old machine. 10.15.7 on the current one…

This is also the behavior I have always seen in Logic. I’ve had it since the last version of Scaler 1. (Bought around 4/15/20). That would mean I’ve seen this behavior in multiple Logic versions. Most likely 10.4.8 through through 10.6.2.

EDIT: I just noticed if I insert the plugin on a new track “Voice Grouping” is blinking and shows “Dynamic”. Could this be related to the behavior?

OMG! I think I see what’s going on… Of course I only notice the blinking “voice grouping” icon after posting :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s possible that when I demoed scaler I set “Voice Grouping”/“Dynamic” as the default and forgot I did that. After turning voice grouping off, my voicing’s are now recorded as I play them.

Sorry for the confusion :nerd_face: