Scaler and ChordPotion

Scaler creates chords
Chordpotion create ARP and melody
At present, is there a plug-in similar to chordpotion?
In fact, I prefer scaler to have the same function
Edit and transform chords, create bass, melody, chord rhythm
I don’t know if it can be realized

Yes, there’s Rapidcomposer.

Rapidcomposer is not vst?

Yes it has a VST version that’s included. Also stand alone.

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Not a real VST, just a bridge
This leads to a problem that in Daw, Rapidcomposer cannot be in the same layer interface as scaler, which is inconvenient to operate.

RC can operate in standalone mode as well as an vst hosted in your DAW. Let’s not make assumptions and potentially misleading judging - you may study RCs capabilities here:

Yes and no. VST version runs without Stand alone being opened. Both can load any saved session of the other. It does quite well in Cubase as VST and I can Drag and Drop chord progressions from Scaler into it quite easily, So it’s not a bridge like you are suggesting.

I don’t understand what is the “missing link” you are searching for…

i.e. what’s the missing feature of a Scaler workflow

That’s the VST plugin. So what are you trying to say here? I have mine open as a VST too.
Works perfectly fine. Behaves much like Scaler in a way. I have it on one track and it sends MIDI to other tracks.

How to drag the scale MIDI into the RC? I can’t put it in. Because it’s a bridge, not a real VST

Have you tried dragging to the colored chord bar? Also Rapid Composers behaves differently then Scaler in that it’s structure is interval based - not always absolute unless you tell it to be absolute.