Scaler and Cubase's Chord Track play well together

If you use Cubse and Scaler you have two great tools for handling chords, Scaler and Cubase’s Chord Track.

In this example I started with a Scaler Track and worked out some patterns. Next I recorded a MIDI track of the basic chords for playback by Omnisphere. Now, in Cubase you create a Chord Track, select the track and use Cubase’s “Create Chord Symbols” function. Now you have essentially imported the chords from Scaler into a Cubase Chord Track. There are some slight differences here and there, but this gives you options for using Scaler in conjunction with Chord Track.

Perhaps some will find this useful.


I use this combination all the time. It quite a time saver and love the combo a lot.

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We should also mention that we can start with chords on a Cubase Chord Track and use Scaler’s MIDI detect to bring chords into Scaler.

A year or so ago a very experienced Cubase user, miles ahead of me, told me in all his years with the program he’d never used “create chord symbols.” It is kind of a hidden gem in Cubase, imho and worth a mention for Scaler users.


It is indeed. One of the first things I discovered since I am a Scaler aficionado. The beauty of chord track is you have tracks assigned to it and make a chord change, all following tracks change. And you can have a MIDI track set to follow live and it will correct your playing with the correct notes.

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If SCALER can control BAND IN BOX. Then a lot of things will change.

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Nice, very nice. I should try to implement this, (have made little use of Chord Tracks TBH).

How would it do that ? How would they link together ? What do you envisage ?