Scaler and Garritan African percussions: the easier way

Hi folks

I just found an easier way to drive Garritan World Instruments with Scaler

Instead of fighting against all those different note-ranges that require complex routing & MIDI channelling, for example in the case below where zero note fell in the Berimbau area…

… I realized it’s way easier to change that instrument up to find one with a more suitable area

Then, you duplicate the Garritan and repeat the workaround with the other instruments that don’t work

At each duplication the “sound” becomes richer, because the multiple riffs falling into the same instrument, and to add even more variability you can also try the OM channel, or the other channels by ear

I also found that Scaler’s proper patterns are difficult to find/create, and you have to use very short & syncopated riffs, so here is the only example I found tonight

Scaler-State_2023-01-02_000006.xml (22.7 KB)

I clearly hope that in the next releases, more percussion-ready riffs will be added

Have fun

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