Scaler and NI MALLET FLUX 2018

I found a 2018 software today. It’s called native instruments mallet flux
It has a powerful ARP tool
You just type in chords and you get great music
Interested can learn about.
In addition, I also want to know if there are other recommendations for similar software?
I hope this software can export MIDI files, or drag and drop directly

I have Mallet Flux and Like it quite well but I don’t know what you mean by “Type in chords”. What does that mean? I play in chords or use Scaler.

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scaler chord >> Mallet Flux >> midi file
What I want to say is. How to use Mallet Flux to export MIDI

Mallet Flux >> midi file
I want to use the MIDI ARP inside

Kontakt can send MIDI to the outside world. Go to preferences under Engine and Choose Send MIDI to Outside World —
Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 11.59.36 AM
There are a few options. I just tried it with Flux and it does work.


I too have Mallet Flux, so this tip was very interesting to me, thanks @jamieh !

I feel that I underappreciate Kontakt in its vast capabilities. People in the scene tend to talk of it as if it were a dinosaur, and yet so much content is still coming out for that platform. E.g. I have Bioscape and Lunaris from Luftrum, which are both Kontakt based.

Kontakt has been around for a long time but it’s hardly a dinosaur. It’s very. very powerful with it scripting and the creator tools have gotten a large upgrade so I imagine even more exciting libraries to come. The send MIDI to outside world is a hidden secret tool that not many people are aware of.

I realized that it is richly featured, with the KSP scripting language, and also now wave table synthesis. What bothers me is that distribution method, that you have to go through NI, and probably pay some fees in order to get your content into people’s hands, if it is supposed to be user friendly. I mean, I have some free libraries that I installed manually outside of the Native Access portal, but the lack of NKS integration is still bothersome. But then, UVI/Falcon does the same thing, unfortunately…

Just tried this out in practice, using a Mallet Flux pattern routed to Zebra on another track. Works like a charm. This is a game changer! Especially when rerouting percussive instruments with built-in MIDI patterns. Even Noire’s particle engine spits out MIDI and can be routed to other synths for interpretation, brilliant! The music tool discovery of the year! I’ll buy you a drink at ScalerFest, @jamieh :slight_smile:

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Careful with routing Kontakt to Kontakt. You can get some MIDI feedback loops accidentally. And yes both Noire and Piano Colors particle engine can be used to many an experimental idea.

I tried. That’s true. According to your picture, I set Kontakt.
Then Kontakt is routed to additive keys
At this time, Kontakt became the engine of additive keys.
But the problem is that I can’t input MIDI in additive keys
Kontakt track cannot be silent
So, how can I save this new sound.
It seems that you can only listen, but you can’t use it

I set Kontakt. Then Kontakt is routed to additive keys
At this time, Kontakt became the engine of additive keys.
But the problem is that I can’t input MIDI in additive keys

What do you mean by this? Kontakt should be feeding MIDI to Addictive Keys. Do you want to play along with the sequence? You need to play using the MIDI in to Kontakt since Kontakt is routed to Addictive keys.

Kontakt track cannot be silent. Just mute the audio of the Flux track.

So, how can I save this new sound.. Record the MIDI onto the Addictive Keys track or any empty MIDI track.

It seems that you can only listen, but you can’t use i. Of course you can use it just like any other MIDI input. Record the output of Flux to a track then you can edit it, use it with other instrument track.

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OK!I will try again soon. If there is a problem, I will come to you again. thank you :grinning:

Here’s a short piece using MIDI from Flux to drive various samples and synths. Nothing special. MIDI is edited so each layer is a different range of notes.
MIDI to Outside World
MP3 Version

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Nice! :grinning:
I did not find similar content on youtube. If you have time, can you make a video. I think it will help many friends.

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Maybe if I get some time.

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Let me take a look at doing something like this. I’ve got it on my personal growth goals to learn how to make YT videos and put more tutorials into the community which I learned so much from. To put it into Davide’s words: Stay tuned! (such a nice pun for a musician to say, lol)

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Stay tuned
:rofl: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

This is not a arp But i think you can improve your chords with ez keys and then send to a sequencer
I have a good results