Scaler and the Blues Hexatonic

I love Scaler. I have no real theoretical background so Scaler ist my teacher, my coach and my bandmate.
But there is one thing that nags on me. For almost 40 years I love improvising with Blues hexatonic. But for example, if I take the progression from House 5 (you find it in the “Songs” menu) and adjust it a little bit, I know I can use the C Minor Blues hexatonic and it will sound fabulous improvising in it.
So what is my problem then? My problem is that Scaler ranks the C Minor hexatonic not very high in its recommendations for scales. I know the ranking seems to rely on matching notes to the progression and matching the chords itself.
I can’t say much about the chords as my theoretical knowledge is all about relying in Scaler. But if scaler says only 5 of 8 notes match to the progression there seems to be a logical error. Because I mean come on! A hexatonic literally can only have 6 out of 6 notes matching. 5 out of 6 is really not bad at all.
Try for yourself and you will see my point:

Hi @kjlietz

Welcome to the forum. I think I have a solution to your issue.

Once you have opened the song and copied the pattern to Section C click on the SCALE button

and select C from the ALL NOTES drop down list

Now type “blues” into the search box and a list of blues scales will be displayed

This makes it easier to find your preferred scale.

Hi @ed66,

thanks. This is not my problem. I already know that I can use the C blues hexatonic for this progression. But Scaler seems not to know it. As you see in your own example picture as well. And that is my point. Scaler would not recommend the blues hexatonic for this progression or any somewhat interesting progression at all. :frowning: