Scaler and Vocalise

Hi fellow Scalers, has anyone used Scaler with Heavyocity’s Vocalise, I see v3 is on offer at the moment and I’m interested in getting it and was wondering how it works with Scaler. Thanks for any feedback.

Hey Ozzy I use Vocalise in my YT videos all the time. There’s a few ways to use Scaler with it either via control or simultaneously.

Thanks Davide that answers everything especially the short clip. You guys certainly know how to help us mere mortals, it is much appreciated.


Anytime @Ozzy I think all of us on this earth are merely ‘mere’ Best we can do is help each other and be nice!

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Great, Davide. I played with all three Vocalise, but this is better than anything I could imagine. You inspire me.

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