Scaler + Arturia's free _Analog Lab Play - a fun combination

If you are already an Arturia fan, disregard, otherwise this is a great free intro into the Arturia ecosystem and pairs nicely with Scaler.

While you are limited regarding how much you can tune the presets, and you don’t get access to the underlying instruments, with 100 presets to explore, there are all kinds of interesting instruments for Scaler to drive. Try unexpected combinations w/in Scaler to uncover a bunch of fun and unique sounds and sequences…

Artura _Analog Lab Play - free

Do you know i f the presets were taken from either Pigments or Analog Lab V , or all new?

I have both synths, no nothing would be added by downloading if they were extracted from these, but I would try it for new patches.

The presets are all taken from vcollection and pigments.
Nothing new.

Thanks for that … saves me d/ling and browsing. I guess it may be a sales thing to tempt folk to take up one of both of the source products.

It’s interesting that they put quite few Analog V patches in to Pigments as well.

Hence my opening sentance. :slight_smile:
You;ll get the little UI addition when you update,