Scaler as a Tool

I realized that one can use Scaler interactively, as an ideation or composition tool. But also as a learning tool, which has been my main use case - to learn about harmonies, progressions, melodies etc.

Now I am starting to do the things on my own that I learned from Scaler. It feels like taking off the training wheels in the process of learning to ride a bicycle.

I am sure there’s lots to improve on this track, paticularly more song structure (less monotony). But I am proud of the chord progressions that I have put together from memory, not looking them up. Only later, when I was done with the tune, I sent it through Scaler to see what the chords were called (and it matched with what I assumed when I experimented by ear in the DAW piano roll).

Lots of Piano | Aleamanic


Thanks for the share.

Could you kindly share what is the low string/brass sound used at the end if the track? Really nice.

Sure, I suspect you mean this… Diva - SC BASS Growling Bass Wet+Dry by Aleamanic on SoundCloud

It’s from the U-he DIVA soft synth, the preset is called “SC BASS Growling Bass”. I can’t remember where I got it from.

For the song I had 2 send effects involved, one being NI Replika XT, and the other being Arturia Rev INTENSITY.


I like to combine this Growling Bass with effects, like delay and reverb, so that you can end up with some atmospheres like this… Quick Diva by Aleamanic (

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Aha… thank you @Bernd :+1:t4: