Scaler as VST host

If scaler would be a VST host that would be a game changer against destructive workfllow in all DAWs. We could pick any instrument we need instead of internal instruments.

Scaler is a midi effect. You can pick any VST instrument
you want (need) instead of internal instruments already.

The internal instruments are available as a courtesy.

This is not supported in all DAWs.

If midi effects are not supported in all DAWs; well,
then they should be, and it is not a Scaler issue.

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There are many stand-alone VST hosts that allow
Scaler to be used in VST stand-alone mode.

Note: A favorite of mine is PIGuru’s Unify.

This is not my point of interest

Stand alone VST host inbound and in development. Stay tuned. May be soon, maybe be later. Juggling a few things.


FWIW, I am extremely NOT in favor of this.

There was a program I use to use for harmonization, which I shall not name. The developer added hosting and other features that were not part of the core competency of the program. He spent so much time getting that working and fixing problems that he neglected the main, important parts of the program.

Of course, going into it, he said that would not happen, and I am sure he intended as much. But, things like this have a funny way of taking up time and resources and adding distractions. I have seen this in other software programs too.

Scaler is too good. And, there is so much potential to make it even better.

With myriad ways to host Scaler with VSTs, some free, why bother with this at all? Respectfully, it seems like a huge waste.


Fair enough. 100% agreed. Don’t worry we wouldn’t threaten our resources and our DEVs are super. Feedback taken though.


Well this seems to be a very emotional topic. Do not worry guys I do not want to destroy scaler :grin:.
I agree that this feature request was not very specific. So some additional thoughts I want to share with you.

  • I am a software developer and I agree VST Host functionality might have an impact to stability but to add this to a software solution is not a rocket science these times anymore. ( Trust the scaler developers :slight_smile: ) Even if this does not work 100% at the first time. It will relax many many systems out there using an extra third party VST host system by reducing their softare stack.
  • The community here always mentioning third party software for this purpose. I mean it might not be the best Idea to tell cummunity people to buy products of another company. Even if other companies have equal functionality like scaler customers could make a decision we do not realy want.
  • Regarding the development time: This could also be mentioned for the build in Instruments where I could also ask where to focus on. Even if they are good (piano is very very very lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) I do not use them. Furthermore I would be happy to have an option while installation process to not install them because I use instruments like Spitfire Audio and much more where they are specialised in “instrument” products. I see scaler as a player module. Sounds creepy but I also have to take care for my free disc space. :frowning:
  • Last but not least scaler in stand alone form will benefit a lot from using third party instruments.

It is not the main problem that I need my own instruments for the final production process. Its more the fact that I need to know how different instuments sounds while I play around with scaler. Some VSTs have so many multiple articulations that its impossible to predict the final mood a scaler sequence will produce.
For me personaly the first problem I met after buying scaler was : “OK, pretty cool. But how to use my own instruments now?”

Best greetings

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I don’t like the idea of scaler becoming some kind of DAW in its own way. Almost every scaler user is familiar with their own main DAW. They spend sometimes years learning the program and finetuning the workflow. Programms like Logic, Cubase or Ableton Live are already packed full of features. And it´s fairly easy to use Scaler as a midi effect in all of them. I thing there are far more important ideas to pursue regarding scaler. The developers should not stray too far away from the core idea behind the program. For a standalone version of scaler on the other hand, vst hosting would make sense.


Just a thought in terms of balancing the instrument flexibility and extra feature development:
What if Scaler would allow playback of custom (user provided) samples? It looks like the current internal instruments are sample-based, so some core software functionality for sample playback already seems to exist. How much effort would it be to open up to custom user samples, compared to full VST plugin support in Scaler? That way, people who have DAW integration issues could just record their favorite VST instruments into samples and feed those into Scaler.

Welcome @Chrisberlin72 We aren’t trying to reinvent a wheel that is firmly in place. I am a certified by Apple Logic Pro X user and I love what they do. Where we want to head is to have a much more intuitive UX. Plain and simple. That means trying to rework what we have from the ground up that doesn’t compromise functionality but reinvigorate it, we don’t want to do more, but make it more obvious.
Love the discussion thanks so much all.

The Steinberg VST SDK contains sample code for host application. It s realy not a big deal. other music theory software apps did it. scaler can do it too. I believe :slight_smile::+1:

If you want Scaler to play all your VST instruments without the use of a DAW, then Unify by Pluginguru is possibly the best VST host available. The ease of use of this software is amazing and together with Scaler, I cannot think of a better way to sketch out ideas.

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out of idle curiosity, what’s the advantage to not use any DAW, considering there are more than one at zero or low cost?

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Performance and memory usage along with
the included benefits (sometimes none) of the
environment you are working in.

DAWs can introduce their own “hang-ups”
just by implementation methods alone.

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Such as in a live setup, integrated with non-software based equipment. Anybody using Scaler to drive synth hardware, let alone CV?

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thanks for explanation
(do you know that acronym Livingedge? :laughing:)

BTW, I think to remember somebody asked if Scaler can be used live, and driving external instruments, but I don’t remember the reply

For me there are many advantages but mostly the creative freedom to open one app and noodle about. Then pick up across other platforms and devices with everything in sync (iOS, PC etc). For the general market its accessibility. Why can’t a ten year old learning keys pick up scaler and use it right away without needing to understand the DAW environment thus removing any barriers to entry.