Scaler at the root of inspiration

After having spent most of my early journey into experimenting with electronic music on the sound design part, with Scaler coming into the equation I have learned to appreciate the power of relatively simple but impactful chord progressions. May not be much to get famous over, but I find myself making more and more of the kind of music that I used to like listening to, as fringe as my tastes may be (melancholic, cinematic, dark, pensive, spooky perhaps)…

This is effectively just one custom preset in Zebra and perhaps 4 or 5 chords from Scaler… not much thought behind it, just intuition and going by how it sounded to me.


A very dark atmosphere. The movie almost started playing in my mind. What is Zebra?

Well, welcome back to posting ! Great patch and motion, and the intuition is working. The links led me to Aleamanic 23 where I particularly liked TRANSITIONS by Aleamanic 2023 - YouTube


It is a soft synth by U-He… Zebra2: The workhorse synth | u-he

Now Zebra and Zebra HZ are available with the complete preset collection for $99. A super deal!

Nice dark ambient, Bernd !!

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