Scaler audio pops and glitches when recording midi in FL Studio

After the latest update, 2.10. I’ve been experiencing audio crackling every single time I play recorded midi into scaler 2. I do not have this problem with scaler 1, only scaler 2. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Aligning tick lengths, trying VST or VST3 versions, mix in buffer switch, triple buffer, my ppq setting under project is 24 (the lowest setting) my mixer setting quality is also 24. Even before this update I’ve been experiencing latency with only this plugin.The midi panic button also does nothing. I wish I didn’t upgrade from scaler 1. It lags whenever I play recorded midi, and now after the latest version I get audio crackles as well.

Scaler 1 and 2 can exist on the same system. At least on the Mac.

Oh I’m sorry, I forgot to mention I’m on pc. I guess you meant can’t? On windows they definitely can.

No I meant that they CAN indeed exist on the same computer. SO you still have Scaler 1 and it works. Have you tried to go back to an earlier version on Scaler 2? 2.09 or earlier.

Oh, you said that because I said I wish I didn’t upgrade from scaler 1. I meant I that wished I didn’t spend money on scaler 2 and I should have just kept using scaler 1. Going back to an earlier version doesn’t matter, the main problem is whenever I press record on scaler 2, it starts freaking out on fl studio. On every version.

It sounds like you are having a sample rate issue. Have you been playing with sample rates in your DAW?

I’ve already tried the highest sample rate it can go. Sorry I forgot to also include that. I’ve tried everything conventional.

I’m confused. What exactly are you doing? Trying to detect midi notes by playing in midi whilst Scaler VST is loaded and source is midi and you are clicking the record button? List your full PC, Windows and DAW specs please.

Sorry for the delay. My specs are listed in the pic

I’m using FL 20 Producer Edition v20.7.2 build 1863
Signature bundle, 64 bit.

Same here - Windows 10, 64 bit, VST2, Latest version. Tried all the usual.

EDIT - If I change the sample rate to 48k instead of 44k that seems to fix it. Bit of a pain as I like to render at 44k

Hi @kcd1961 and welcome,

thanks for reporting, we will investigate.